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Temporary Spray Booths and Designated Spray Painting Areas

Temporary Spray Booths & Designated Spray Painting Areas are yet another service which Pacific Spray Booths provide to the Finishing Industry. From small DSA’s, (Designated Spray Painting Areas), to Large Enclosed Temporary Spray Booths, Pacific will Design, Construct & Install to whatever the supplication requires.

TSB’s (Temporary Spray Booths) & DSA’s (Designated Spray Painting Areas) are usually required whereby the object being painted can not be conducted within a Spray Booth Cabin. This can either be an oversized irregular item, or whereby the Client requires an offsite Spray Booth during the construction of their new Spray Booth to avoid any loss of production during the construction process.


Regulation Applications:

Temporary Spray Booths & Designated Spray Painting Area Regulations differ from the Specific AS/NZS.4114.1:2004 Standards. Please speak to one of our Specialist Consultants regarding your requirements to gain a further understanding for your obligations when considering either a TSB or a DSA.

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