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A Spray Booth is more than just a purchase of company equipment - it's an investment for the Health & Safety for your employees who work & operate within these confined hazardous zones for up to 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Considering these factors is "Foremost & Paramount" to any manufacturing sector.

We are a Queensland based Company offering a wide range of Dust & Fume Control Systems to the manufacturing industry. From a simple "Open Face Dry Filter Spray Booth" to the more complex "Full Turn Key Conveyor Operated Water Wash Heated Systems". Utilising a select range of key suppliers for our product, we have the ability & structure to accommodate 100% of the industries needs.

Blast Equipment & Dust Collectors

Paint & Blast Combination Systems

Construction Projects

Dry Filter Booths (Open & Enclosed)

Drying Tunnels / Curing Ovens

Enclosed Down Draft Spray Booths

Full Down Draft Spray Booths

Large Machinery Spray Booths


Temporary Spray Booths & Designated Spray Painting Areas